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We are hiring whitewater guides!

Kings River Expeditions is recruiting for whitewater river guides for the 2023 season. This is a unique and extraordinary job opportunity that can fit with your school and work schedule and provide you with an amazing spring and summer job experience.

If you can answer yes to the following three questions, a job as a river guide might be perfect for you:

  • Do you enjoy being outdoors and in the natural environment? The entire job takes place in our base camp along the river and in the Kings Canyon.
  • Do you enjoy being around people? People skills are an essential part of being a good river guide and providing excellent customer service.
  • Are you in fit enough with the stamina and energy to work all day outside, in and out of the water, in the sun, and around lots of people?

Apply Online

If you would like to apply for a guide job click here to complete a quick application and submit. We will contact you asap with details.

We will select a group of candidates for a free Whitewater Guide School (conducted on the river in April). If you are selected for the Guide School, you will learn the basics of rafting and navigation and train to be a guide. Basic meals, rafting equipment, trainers and instructional materials will be provided at no charge for all candidates attending the Guide School. River guides for the 2023 season will be selected from candidates completing the Guide School.

Job Flexibility and other work commitments

If you are hired as a guide, there is some flexibility in the scheduling process once the season gets started. We run every weekend and usually a day or two during the week. We understand your need to balance family, finances, school, and other jobs and obligations. We can almost always work around mid-week work commitments but you will need to have most weekends available April-July.

The deadline for applications is April 1.

Life is short, paddle hard!!

Join the KRE Crew!

Team Members

Being a river guide with KRE is the best summer job that you can possibly ask for. Each day is filled with activity, excitement, entertainment, adventure, and fun! Having the opportunity to work outdoors, with great people and an amazing team, is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. As a working professional now - with a desk job - I look back fondly on how fantastic the summer river guide job really is. Not only did I develop and hone the skills needed to be successful in the business world, but the job also allowed me to soak in and create amazing memories with the great outdoors. Time that I can assure you will not be as plentiful later in life! - Thanks Jeb!

Matt T

Working as a guide for KRE has changed every aspect of my life for the positive. I now have an extended family with fellow river guides and many great friendships with returning guests. The past 12 years with KRE have been incredible!

Picture of testimonial speaker onePhil Reisen, KRE River Guide Class of 1998

Have you ever walked into a place and been struck by a feeling, an energy, a rhythm... It's intangible and yet you want to be a part of whatever it is. That's how KRE is for me, has been for most of my life, since I was a customer over 15 years ago. It's a perfect combination of people, place, and passion. The pull that I felt the first time I walked into camp is still there. I can feel it every time I walk into the kitchen and plop down on a counter-top surrounded by guides, by my friends. I came for the rafting, but I stayed for the people.

Picture of testimonial speaker twoTalia Serra, KRE River Guide Class of 1999

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